Erica Watson *Erica Watson is a comedian and actress known for speaking up about the struggles plus sized women face and is now vowing to shed some pounds.

You may remember Watson from films like “Precious” and “Dirty Laundry,” or her one-woman show called “Fat Bitch,” where she tackles America’s obsession with weight and the stereotypes placed on African American women.

Watson posted on her Facebook last week about the challenges overweight women have when flying.

“I must lose weight,” she wrote. “The way people treat me on airlines, passengers and employees, is so rude and hurtful. I’m tired of it. On my way to LA right now and the woman sitting next to me just went nuts about having to sit next to me. Now I’m in tears and people are looking at me like I’m a criminal.”

When the comedian overheard the fellow passenger make a insulting comment about her, it was no laughing matter.

The Chicago-bred funny woman was not laughing when she heard,

“‘I didn’t pay to sit next to a big fat animal on a six-hour flight,’ Watson posted that the “Asian woman sitting next to me on the United flight” said about her. “I’m not flying anymore until I lose weight. It’s not worth the humiliation.