Herman Cain*Has it truly come to this, sir?

You can imagine the dropped jaws of surprise from some followers of former presidential hopeful Herman Cain when they received an e-mail from “Cain TV” with an ad exclaiming, “If you are a man over 40 who has lost his performance ability . . . it’s NOT your fault!”

The e-mail promised a “special one-time only ‘webinar’ about erectile dysfunction to “get your manhood MOJO back.”

DC blogger Evan Gahr said in a post, “Cain . . . has devolved into a snake oil salesman for the one-eyed snake.”

Cain media division head Dan Calabrese says, “It’s my responsibility . . . to approve ads that our list broker gives us . . . and as long as it represents a legitimate product, I approve the ads. It’s not a product I would use but I saw no reason it should not be advertised.”