Shayanna Jenkins & Aaron Hernandez

Shayanna Jenkins & Aaron Hernandez

*Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins is refusing to come forward with information she may hold that could help or hurt his case.

Hernandez, now an ex-New England Patriots tight end is currently facing a first-degree murder charge and despite the severity of the case, Jenkins has remained publicly and privately silent.

Reportedly, Jenkins, the mother of his young daughter, has witnessed violent acts from Hernandez before, having called 911 when he smashed his fist through glass in a rage.

Jenkins’ younger sister Shaneah was dating Odin Lloyd, the man prosecutors are accusing Hernandez of murdering “execution style.”

At one point, Jenkins was cooperating and speaking with authorities, but was told to stop by Hernandez, say prosecutors.

The question now many have asked is what does she know?

Police will want to know if she knew about Hernandez’s secret apartment. The spot was just recently discovered, where boxes of .45 caliber ammunition, a hat and sweatshirt, among other items, were recovered. The warrant to search the apartment mentioned the possibility of cocaine being found.

It is possible that Shayanna Jenkins could offer insight on whether or not Hernandez was in fact involved with drugs or drug dealers and why he felt the need to install such an elaborate security system and possess high powered guns.

According to RadarOnline, Jenkins – who has basically disappeared from the public and has closed all her social media accounts – is not currently facing any criminal charges but could in the future.

We will have to wait and see if and when she will talk, what she knows and how it will affect the case.