novlene williams-mills

Novlene Williams-Mills, 31, wins bronze in London, June 25, 2012, after being diagnosed with breast cancer days before win.

*The Olympics is the height of an athlete’s career.

Some will not pass up the opportunity to participate in the Olympics no matter what their physical condition might be…look at Lance Armstrong.

Olympic runner Novlene Williams-Mills was diagnosed with breast cancer, but unbeknownst to any of her running colleagues, she took to the track in June of 2012, just days after her diagnosis, to win her spot on the Olympic team in the Jamaican Senior National Championships.

She won the 400 meters in 50.60 seconds to win her spot on the team. A month later, she went on to London with her team to win the 400 meter with the Jamaican relay team, according to the Daily Mail.