jill scott*Singer turned actress Jill Scott has been keeping quite busy these days; not only working on new films such as David E. Talbert’s “Baggage Claim,” but she is also working on two new albums.

During the Essence Music Festival earlier this month, Scott revealed the news about her forthcoming albums, calling one “The Lullaby Album.”

“The record is the Lullaby album. It is intended to help you sleep. All of the things that you get fed everyday about your life; about your beauty; about your capacity; about your failures — all of that stuff that you don’t have based on what you see on television. The record is intended to de-program you. It is a lot of true from the heart lyrics and I could not write them until I was pregnant and understood that you love with love,” said Scott.

Scott didn’t give as much detail to the second album she’s working on, but said it will be different from what listeners have heard before.

“The next record is a lot different. I’m very proud of the records. It’s so much that I wanna tell you, but I don’t want to give it away either. It will be different on your ears because I can’t stay in the same place or I’ll die. And you don’t want me to die. I’ve got to keep moving,” said Scott.

Watch Jill Scott talk about her upcoming projects below: