martin bashir*Many of George Zimmerman’s supporters along with his defense attorneys have tried to discredit and/or assassinate the character of Trayvon Martin in order to vilify him.

Like the rest of us more evolved thinkers with common sense and logic on our side, newsman Martin Bashir took issue with an additional attack on Trayvon Martin. It ins’t enough that he was killed, they wanted to throw the dirt on his coffin. It wasn’t enough that he lost his life to a depraved bigot, who even referred to him as a “f***ing coon” for all the world to hear on the audiotape of his 911 call. No! They called him every thug imaginable for minor teenage offenses that hurt no one, like wearing “gold teeth” and having marijuana residue in his bag.

Martin Bashir, known for his Michael Jackson infamous expose’ interview of Michael Jackson in 2003, and presently the host of his own show on MSNBC, began his editorial this way:

“It feels as though some people are now trying to do to [Trayvon Martin] in death, what George Zimmerman apparently did to him in life.  Attributing to this young man, a character and a personality that they could not possibly know…an identity that implies criminality, juvenile delinquency, and the all around characteristics of a trouble maker.”

He went on to bring up the many atrocities the defense attorneys claimed were committed by Trayvon like wearing gold teeth and placing graffiti on school grounds.  Like Bashir said, “Oh wow, call the police.”  But the man he compared him to that was accused of drunk driving and had his license suspended for two years, joy riding and hit a trash can with his younger brother in the car was George Bush.