Kanye West attacking paparazzi photographer. Photo by TMZ.

Kanye West attacking paparazzi photographer. Photo by TMZ.

*TMZ has reported that rapper and producer Kanye West allegedly attacked another photographer yesterday at the LAX. It apparently got so bad that paramedics were on the scene.

The photographer’s sources and eye witnesses stated that Kanye was leaving the airport went he just want ballistic and attacked the paparazzo.  Five paparazzi surrounded the rapper, who was with his bodyguard, and started snapping pictures.

One photographer, reportedly not with TMZ, started getting too aggressive and bombarded Kanye with questions.

According to TMZ, Kayne instructed the photographer to refrain from asking questions but he kept it up. That’s when West attacked the photog with several punches that knocked him to the ground. Paramedics and police were called to the scene.

TMZ reports that the cameraman was taken to the hospital. And that Yeezus could be facing felony charges, based on the photographer claiming West was trying to rob him of his camera. The extent of the photographer’s injuries are unclear.

Kanye West had been out of the country since last week and has laid down his now-infamous anti-pap rules, telling TMZ that photographers should never to talk to him again.

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