kwame kilpatrick ex loses house

Carlita Kilpatrick is seen here removing items from their 5,000 square foot Grand Prairie, Texas mansion because their lease is up, she lost her job and Kwame Kilpatrick prepares to return to prison.

*Kwame Kilpatrick has been back and forth to prison and unable to pay his bills, but managed to keep his wife and kids in a mansion in Texas…until now.

As the former mayor of Detroit awaits a new prison sentence, his wife Carlita Kilpatrick, was seen removing her unwanted furniture from their Grand Prairie, Texas mansion in preparation for moving day.

The former first lady of Detroit had recently earned a position with the Parks & Recreation department, but she didn’t make it past the probationary period and was let go.

Now her and her two sons are moving out of their home because the lease has expired and it appears the financial well has run dry, according to Detroit’s local NBC affiliate WDIV channel 4 News.