letoya_luckett(2012-big-ver-upper)*After the original members of Destiny’s Child fell out publicly, most assume that there is bad blood between the old members and the new, which LeToya Luckett says is not the case.

“People create their own stories in their head a lot of time when they know no parties involved on a personal level. We all love each other, we support each other and we genuinely mean it,” she told S2S.

LeToya says she met one of her former group’s replacement members, Michelle Williams, in Dallas at a Fundraiser. She revealed that Michelle was a blessing and a sweet person from the very first meeting.

“I was sitting with my friends at the time and she said, ‘I’ve been watching you from afar and you inspire me, and you don’t even know it. I’m so, so proud of you.’ It was mind-blowing!”

Members of Destiny’s Child past and present have experienced their fair share of gossip and rumors, but that doesn’t bother LeToya, who maintains strong relationships with many of the former members.

“People are so messy sometimes, and they try to create mess around a situation they know absolutely nothing about,” she said. “We love each other. We support each other and we genuinely mean it.”