questlove*Questlove, drummer for the hip hop collective The Roots, has joined the list of celebrities who have voiced their frustration with the George Zimmerman verdict.

The drummer took to his Facebook account to write a post that has since gone viral.

“The overall message this whole Trayvon [Martin] case has taught me: You ain’t sh*t,” Questlove wrote

In his memoirs “Mo’ Metta Blues: The World According to Questlove,” Questlove opens up about his own personal run-ins with overzealous white police officers.

As previously reported, Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder in the death of Martin. The claim by Zimmerman and his defense team was that he shot the unarmed teen in self defence.

“I’m in scenarios in which primitive exotic looking me (6’2, 300 lbs, uncivilized Afro for starters) finds himself in places that people that look like me aren’t normally found,” wrote Questlove.

“If I cried at every insensitive act that goes on in the name of safety, I’d have to be committed to a psych ward. I’ve just taught myself throughout the years to just accept it and maybe even see it as funny,” he added.

He concluded his post by saying: “I guess I’m struggling to get at least one percent of this feeling back, from all this protective numbness I’ve built around me, to keep me from feeling. Because, at the end of the day, I’m still human.”