antonio lopez chaj

Antonio Lopez Chaj, 42, was awarded $58 million in Los Angeles’ Torrance Superior Court Monday, July 1, 2013, for the severe injury he received while being beaten by a security guard that left him with only 3/4 of his skull.

*We don’t feel safe with cops and even less safe with security guards or “wannabe cops” like George Zimmerman because they try to go up and beyond the call of duty to prove themselves.

Antonio Lopez Chaj, 42, was on the receiving end of that gungho temperament in 2010, when he tried to break up a fight at a local bar, Barra Latina, between his nephews, a guard, and the bartender/manager that led to one of the largest lawsuit settlements awarded to a single person in California’s history.

When he jumped in to stop the fight at the Wilshire neighborhood bar, the guard beat him to unconsciousness and he was missing part of his skull when he arrived at the hospital.

Both the bartender and the guard have disappeared “without a trace”, according to the New York Daily News interview of Chaj’s attorney Federico Sayre.