barry white jr

Barry White, Jr., 23, kills two and injures another in jewelry dispute in Victoga jewelry store in San Francisco, Friday, July 12, 2013.

*We are becoming an increasingly more violent nation as our society exhibits a desensitized disposition to their fellow man.

But in an ironic twist to the apathetic behavior, tempers rise quickly and much more deadlier than ever before with little to no reason to spark the fury.

Barry White Jr.–no relation to the late great r&b legend–was charged with first degree murder, among other charges, for the double homicide he allegedly committed in a Victoga jewelry store in the GiftCenter & JewelryMart complex on Brannan Street in San Francisco last Friday.

According to the report from ABC News, White had a dispute with a store employee over the charge for jewelry he had purchased from them weeks before and wanted a price adjustment of nearly $300.

Obviously, they denied his request and he left and returned with knives and guns and the entire ordeal was caught on three of the store’s surveillance videos. (more…)