Khloe and Lamar*According to Star Magazine, Lamar Odom has been cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian for more than a year with a woman named Jennifer Richardson.

Due to his infidelities, it was reported that Kardashian kicked the NBA star of the their California mansion.

Odom apparently met Richardson back in January 2012 at a strip club following a game in Washington, D.C.  Their affair started nearly a year later after they ran back into each other.

Richardson says Odom seemed “deeply unhappy” with his marriage and once told her, upon leaving her hotel room, “I have to go be a Kardashian now.”

While rumors circulate about the affair, Odom was seen lashing out at a group of paparazzi that were following him Hollywood on Wednesday. Odom apparently smashed one of the photographer’s car with a metal rod and broke the camera of another.

The incident was caught on camera. See it below

The world has gotten a chance to watch Kardashian and Odom as they embarked on their journey together since they married in 2009. The fate of the couple seems to currently be in jeopardy.

Kardashian said last year, “I’d like to think divorce is not an option.”