Monyetta Shaw & Ne-Yo*Ne-Yo and fiancé Monyetta Shaw have split up, joining a long list of Hollywood couples who didn’t make the cut.

The now former two-some had been dating for years and even have two kids together, but recently Ne-Yo announced the breakup on his Instagram profile.

A picture (below) of the couple was posted to his profile with a caption that can only be taken as parting words.

“Tho fate has decided to split our romantic paths, know that I will always love you. Forever your partner. Forever your friend. Forever my miracle.”

It will be pretty sad for the fans to see the long time couple split, especially when they have children together and were supposed to get married.

With Monyetta still sporting the engagement ring during her time at the BET Experience recently, we’re wondering if things are really over between them.

The question is, did/does she know about the Instagram post? Is she in denial? Or maybe she wants to keep the ring as a souvenir for the times they’ve shared.

We guess we’ll have to wait and see whether or not this chapter is closed for good.

Ne-Yo and Monyetta