nick cannon (ncredible conversations)*On Tuesday, actor, comedian & TV host Nick Cannon launched a new weekly podcast series called “NCredible Conversations.”

It’s available for free download on iTunes and streaming on In the series premiere, Cannon speaks with the “Motor City Madman,” right wing rocker Ted Nugent and academic, journalist and activist Marc Lamont Hill on race relations in America and the Trayvon Martin Trial.

Here are some highlights from Cannon’s convos with Nugent and Hill:

In response to Nugent’s recent tweet where he says, “Dear Black America – reject the racist hate denial and & join with truth & justice. Stop destroying yourselves,” the old school rocker explains it this way: “…I’m not buying any claim on black oppression; we have a black President, a black Attorney General, black supreme court justices, we have Nick Cannon, we have the most respected and revered black leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, entertainers, there is no limitation to any body of any color, any race, any ethnicity, any sexual orientation if you put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be, to speak clearly, to show up early, and produce more than the competition, I don’t care where you’re from, you will be the American dream. Case closed.”

In regard to his tweet, “The lesson is to tell your children not to attack,” Nugent says: “I am convinced Nick, if Trayvon Martin would have been raised properly and trained like my children and everybody that I know and went up to Zimmerman and said “Hey pal, why are you following me?” You know, just ask him, I bet George Zimmerman “Well we got trouble here, I just don’t know what you’re doing,” and then Trayvon could have said “I’m going to my dad’s house, are you kidding me?”

Commenting on President Obama’s recent response to the Zimmerman acquittal, Marc Lamont Hill told Nick, “…I thought he was insightful, I thought he was precise. For once he didn’t sort of couple it with that talk to make other people feel okay…this time he stayed focused on the issue, he told the truth, he was honest…the question to me is though is that his job as President? The answer is no, I actually don’t need a President to stand up and say Zimmerman was wrong, that he should be in jail, he is allowed to do that, but I’m not sure that he strategically or functionally that is the way I want my President to function…

Listen below to the full “NCredible Conversations” with Ted Nugent and Marc Lamont Hill:

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