oj simpson 2*The state of Nevada has set a parole hearing for O.J. Simpson in his sports collectible kidnapping and robbery case.

Simpson was convicted in 2008 in the kidnapping and armed robbery of two sports collectible dealers and is set to have his Nevada case go to a parole board later this month.

Simpson was charged on 12 criminal counts and was found guilty on all charges. He was sentenced to 9 to 33 years in prison and has been serving out his time at Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada.

Simpson’s lawyers argued for a new trial for the former athlete, claiming that his previous attorneys did a poor job on the case and representing him.

The parole hearing will take place July 25 as Linda Marie Bell, Clark County District Court Judge, decides whether Simpson deserves a new trial.

Bell has not yet ruled.

Christie Prody

On the other hand things are not looking too good for Simpson’s ex-girlfriend Christie Prodywho reported to Moorhead, MN jail last week to serve her sentence.

Prody pled guilty in May after stealing painkillers from an elderly couple in Moorhead. At the time she was working as an in home care assistant, which is reportedly how she gained access.

Initially, Prody failed to report for a 34-day jail sentence on charges of felony burglary and drug possession in the Minnesota case. She turned herself in on Saturday after being ordered to do so eight days before.

On July 1, Prody was denied her request by Clay County District Judge Steven Cahill to allow her to begin serving her sentence after the weekend; because her mother had to work and Prody had no one to care for her 2-year-old daughter.