oj parole board*At his first parole hearing today, O.J. Simpson claimed he’s been a model prisoner and suggested that he really didn’t do anything wrong in the botched robbery that landed him a 33 year prison sentence.

According to TMZ, O.J. said he’s spent the last five years in prison with some really bad dudes — guys who’ve robbed banks, casinos, and gun shops. But, he says, his crime was much different from those because he was merely trying to “retrieve” his own stuff.

O.J. – convicted of kidnapping, robbery and burglary – is serving time at the Lovelock Correction Center.

During the parole hearing, Simpson tried to convince a parole commissioner that he’s kept his nose clean these past few years and hasn’t gotten into any trouble while in the big house.

The board didn’t issue a ruling today — and won’t for a couple of weeks — but don’t expect The Juice to get out of prison anytime soon. Because he’s serving concurrent and consecutive sentences for crimes stemming from the Vegas incident — O.J. will have to serve at least a few more years behind bars, even with a favorable ruling from the parole board.

Watch O.J.’s appearance below.