*Paula Patton was extra nervous at Monday night’s “2 Guns” premiere in Los Angeles.

Her husband Robin Thicke would be seeing her steamy, topless sex scene with co-star Denzel Washington for the first time, and it’s a scene that wouldn’t have involved nudity had Patton not insisted on it.

“The day before we were gonna shoot the scene, I was thinking that these are people that have been together before and they have just made love, so it seemed really phony to me to have my shirt on, so I sprung it on (director) Baltasar (Kormakur) that I’m not going to be wearing a top,” she told WENN.

Patton did consult her husband, who cavorts with topless models in his provocative “Blurred Lines” video.

“I asked Robin before and I said, ‘It doesn’t feel natural,’ and he said, ‘Just go for it babe, absolutely.’ We don’t really get hung up about those things… Once I decided to take my shirt off, Denzel was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna take my shirt off,’ and it became a new scene.”