Joseph Collins

Joseph Collins

*LOS ANGELES – Punch TV CEO and Founder Joseph Collins, revamps the future of television with an innovative new trendy perspective towards television – providing original and diverse content on digital and satellite television. Yet unlike any existing television networks, Punch TV built its network audience not merely on traditional/historic statistical characteristics known as demographics [most commonly used in television], but rather by reflecting evolving viewer-specific interests, hopes, dreams and desires.

Collins states, “We work hard and the numbers reflect it; millions of households cannot be wrong. The success of the network can be attributed to the original programming and content. We create more than television shows here at Punch TV; we create television for our viewers by our viewers!”

Collins’ vision to build the television network to its current status began as a child as he would watch his small black and white television with fascination, dreaming to one day be a part of the industry he found so mesmerizing. Later, at the age of 16, he would become the youngest news reporter in the nation, leading him to build Collins Entertainment, which would eventually become Punch TV.

Another big show – “Life with the Binghams” – presents sexy Traci Bingham (“Baywatch” babe, Playboy Playmate, model, and actress) who moves back to Boston to reunite with her two sisters, one who is her Manager/Agent, four brothers, and an 82 year old mother called “Ma.” The three sisters are better known as queen B’s, and the “B” doesn’t always stand for Bingham. Life with the Bingham’s will showcase the days and lives of Traci and her family on their personal and business endeavors.

BinghamsIn addition to these reality programs, Punch TV has changed television – as we know it – by bringing exclusive news for publicly traded companies in “EFX Bulls and Bears Business News,” celebrity interviews in “The Hollywood Punch Report,” comedy in “The J Spot” starring J Anthony Brown, and drama in the original series “Make Love Not War” with Dorian Wilson, best known for his role as Professor Stanley Oglevee on the hit sitcom “The Parkers.”

Punch TV looks forward to quenching America’s thirst for genuine and innovative programming and garnering the position to be a – if not THE – dominate player in the television market place.

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