Rachel Jeantel interviewed on "HuffPost Live" (July 16, 2013)

Rachel Jeantel interviewed on “HuffPost Live” (July 16, 2013)

*Rachel Jeantel’s post trial media tour included a stop at HuffPost Live on Tuesday, where she spoke with host Marc Lamont Hill about her slain friend Trayvon Martin, the trial, and its legacy.

She was asked if she felt the prosecution properly prepared her to testify.

“I’m not going to blame all the cause on the prosecution,” she said. “They had to deal with witnesses, how they’re going to do the case. It was supposed to have been my responsibility. I was supposed to have taken half of the responsibility for getting ready. But mind you, I’m a teenager.”

Jeantel was also asked what she thought about the backlash against her from within the black community, including those who bashed her as an embarrassment?

“They said I was embarrassing them. Wow. I put my face on a stage with the whole world watching, and I’m embarrassing you?” she responded. “I’m fighting for you to make sure nobody does that to your child, your nephew, your nieces, your brother, your daddy, your father, your mother, all that. And I’m embarrassing you?”

Watch her entire interview below.