joe (shades)*Multi-platinum selling singer Joe is anticipating two milestones during the month of July: celebrating his 40th birthday and the release of his tenth album in 20 years, “DoubleBack: Evolution of R&B.”

His current radio hit, “I’d Rather Have A Love” features live instrumentation and sets the tone for the nostalgic vibe Joe’s sought to capture with his forthcoming album.

The singer recently sat down for an interview with the Huffington Post Black Voices and opened up about the process of recording his latest project and his feelings on today’s R&B scene.

BV: How does it feel to release your tenth album in 20 years?

Man, it’s pretty amazing. I’d never imagine any moments in my life as time periods where it would be 10 albums 20 years in. It’s just pretty remarkable. So I feel very fortunate and very blessed, to be honest with you.

BV: What inspired the album’s title?

It’s that evolution of trying to evolve but also trying to go back at the same time. Doubling back, but I feel like to go forward at this point in R&B you have to go back just a little bit. Because the old music back then, it was sweet. It was beautiful. The Marvin Gaye’s, the Stevie Wonder’s, Michael [Jackson], Whitney [Houston], everybody. It was just beautiful music. So I want to take it back and sort of evolve it and hopefully inspire a new generation to want to do that sound of music where it’s more live and organic.

BV: Among the 12 tracks featured on the album is your duet with Fantasia, entitled, “Love & Sex.” What’s the meaning behind the song?

Well, I think it’s going to get a lot of people’s attention, especially those who are in a relationship dealing with love and the emotional side of it. There’s a lot of times when you get to that point, especially women, I don’t think a lot of men get that way, but when you get there you really want to find the value and meaning between the two. So I think it’s a real touchy subject, but it’s executed very well. Fantasia’s a phenomenal singer and she’s bringing so much soul into this record it’s pretty much undeniable.

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“DoubleBack: Evolution of R&B” hit stores and digital retailers on July 2.

Watch Joe perform his hit “I’d Rather Have A Love”: