levar burton*Even though he’s definitely in the good guy category, former “Reading Rainbow” host LeVar Burton, still has a fear of being mistreated by police because of his skin color.

On Monday Burton told CNN that he has a routine he follows to avoid a potentially deadly altercation any time the police stops him. He removes his hat and sunglasses, rolls down his window, and puts out his hands to show he is not armed.

“I do that because I live in America,” Burton added.

He felt that as a responsible parent it was important for him to teach his son to follow the same procedure.

On the other hand, Tim Wise, a white author, shared a time in which he accidentally locked himself outside of his car in New Orleans. A police officer approached Wise while he was trying to use a coat hanger to unlock the door. Wise recalled that the officer didn’t harass him or question what he was doing but rather tried to help him by telling him he was “breaking into the car the wrong way” and offered to assist him.

“The cop was trying to help me break in,” Wise remarked. “Now, there is not a black man in this country, 23 years of age, for whom that would have been the reaction… Basically, what my mom told me was, ‘Be nice to cops.’ She didn’t say, ‘Don’t move your hands because you’re going to get shot.’”

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below: