al sharpton*After meeting in Washington DC today, July 29, with President Obama and Attorney General Holder, Rev. Al Sharpton has issued the following statement:

“Today the United States President and Attorney General met with a broad coalition of civil rights and voting rights leaders to assure us that they will continue to work with us to protect every American’s right to vote.

“We had great alarm when the Supreme Court ruled against Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act but after meeting with the President and the Attorney General we were assured that the Voting Rights Act may be wounded but it is not dead. It is not even critically wounded; it can and will be revived.

“The President said his Administration will do whatever is necessary to protect the rights of the American people to vote.  I made it clear that one of the things that National Action Network and our partners will do at the 50thanniversary March on Washington on Saturday, August 24th is to attack and name those states that have engaged, since the court decision, in changing voter qualifications, and that have made efforts to suppress the votes. We will go into those states and register specific numbers of voters, and organize a national resistance as we did in 2012.

“The President spent about forty minutes with us and the Attorney General an hour and a half.”

— Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network


Rachel Noerdlinger
President, Noerdlinger Media
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