scottie pippen

Scottie Pippen attends the premiere of Disney Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’ at the El Capitan Theatre on June 17, 2013 in Hollywood

*Remember that beatdown former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen administered to an over aggressive “fan” last month in Malibu?

Well, it probably comes as no surprise that Mr. Pippen is being sued by the victim.

Attorneys for Camran Shafighi filed a $4 million lawsuit in LA Superior court on Thursday. They say Shafighi asked Pippen for an autograph for his girlfriend’s son and instead got a “brutal and unjustified” attack.

As we reported, the incident happened on June 23 outside Nobu Restaurant

Shafighi said he was looking to get an autograph and picture with Pippen both inside the restaurant and in the parking lot. An argument followed, and Pippen then punched and attacked the victim, reportedly resulting in several serious injuries.

The victim said the attack was unjustified.

On the other hand Pippen’s said the ex-NBA forward was acting in self defense after the victim called him the N-word, spit at him and was being “overly aggressive.”

The bottom line from a factual point of view is that the argument turned violent, Shafighi was treated at a local hospital for a head injury, and Pippen was questioned but not arrested or charged.

Scottie Pippen, 47, currently serves as a senior advisor for the Bulls.