al sharpton (smiling)*On his “Politics Nation” show on MSNBC,  Al Sharpton‘s analysis of the George Zimmerman murder trial included his doubts of Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin grabbed for his gun.

Sharpton and his panelists made reference to the fact that Zimmerman had a concealed weapon and it was dark out during the night in question. One of Sharpton’s guests said that unless Martin had x-ray vision, under those circumstances there was no possible way he would’ve been able to see, let alone grab for, Zimmerman’s gun.

Lisa Bloom explained that Zimmerman’s internal holster is held inside and in the back of the pants, and considering that Zimmerman had a shirt and a jacket over it, it doesn’t add up that Martin would have been able to grab for the gun if he was on top of Zimmerman and Zimmerman was on his back.

“How on earth, then, did Trayvon Martin see the gun–which, I might add, is a black holster, the gun itself is black, it’s a very dark night and raining, according to all of the witnesses. Unless Trayvon Martin had x-ray vision, the story doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

sharpton panel on zimmerman

Faith Jenkins, Lisa Bloom & Ken Padowitz

Ken Padowitz declared that this is a fact that the “credibility lemmings” cannot refute, adding that the whole point of concealed carry is that the weapon is concealed. And Padowitz went one step further, to say that this can now be used to “call everything George Zimmerman says into question.” Sharpton brought up how Zimmerman previously demonstrated that the gun was in the back, but in court today, his attorney mimed the gun being in the front.

Faith Jenkins said that Zimmerman provided the “perfect justification” for someone trying to prove they killed someone out of self-defense. Sharpton added that Zimmerman’s claim also sounds undermined with the consideration that Martin’s DNA was not found on the gun. Bloom maintained that it would have been very “awkward” had Martin tried to grab for the gun, and so “the story doesn’t really add up.”

Padowitz predicted that the jurors would use their “common sense” and realize that there are too many holes in Zimmerman’s story, and if that’s the case, they will come back with a guilty verdict.

Watch the discussion via the video below: