single-ladies-season-2-promo-photos-400x295*“Single Ladies” made it through for another season of drama, sex, and gossip and the stars are even more excited than before.

“It’s so hush-hush,” Denise Vasi told Sister 2 Sister at the Essence magazine Women in Music event. “We’re gearing up to go back to Atlanta and start season 3, which is really, really exciting.”

There are a lot of changes in store, including new writers. But LisaRaye McCoy admitted she’s anxious.

“I don’t know what to expect. We have a new show runner. We have a new staff of writers. I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with this new voice,” said Lisa

“When you have writers it’s all about how you’re breathing life into that character,” she added. “My job is to breathe life into the words and do what they hired me to do, which is the acting. So, I’ll stick to staying in my lane.”

Despite the changes, the show’s creator assures it’s going to be fun and the same girls are going to rock the show like always.