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Dwight Howard

*Unlike Lakers management, a whole bunch of Lakers fans aren’t quite convinced Dwight Howard is worth fighting for, based on his play this past season. However,  there’s one Houston based rapper who’s doing his best to woo D12 to H-Town.

That rapper would be Slim Thug who’s using Twitter to appeal to Howard to move his talents away from Kobe and LA and choose the Houston Rockets as his next team. You could say this is taking recruiting up to a whole ‘nother level or taking it down, depending on your point of view.

Yooo @DwightHoward what uppp gone come down to Houston G we got ya u already know Kobe gone act like a girl and blame u all season,” tweeted Slim Thug to Dwight Howard. “We real out here u can buy a big ass crib for cheap ill throw u a few assist on h0es make your next move your best move G.”

slim thug

Slim Thug

Check out more of the tweets below from Slim Thug. In the meantime, the Los Angeles Lakers have put up billboards all over town letting Dwight know that he’s wanted in the worst way. And on top of that, Time Warner, which owns the rights to Lakers games locally, is pitching Howard about having his own TV show if he stays with LA, reports Black Sports Online. And “knowing how much Dwight loves attention, this sort of pitch might actually work,” says Larry Brown Sports.

And speaking of attention, that’s just what Dwight Howard is getting from various teams/cities other than Los Angeles – like the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks,  Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks – who all desire his services.

But as far as Slim Thug is concerned, Houston is the spot for D12 ’cause H-Town has better strippers, lower child support payment percentages and he won’t have to deal with you-know-who:

slim thug d12 tweets

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