solange knowles*Solange Knowles lives a regular life, for a rock star.

In an interview with Music-mix.ew, the singer bragged about her Halloween costume last year as she snapped a picture of herself in front of a photo of Angela Davis at the Museum of Modern Art in Queens.

Attempting to stay out of the shadow of her sister and blossom her own voice in music, she’s become the mainstream model Indie Rock Bohemian star. Her latest ear hugging single, “Losing You,” produced by Dev Hynes, has won the heart of new fans.

New look, evolved sound, and liberated, Solange has arrived.

“Every decision that’s been made behind this record, from the exact color of the album’s artwork to what record stores we put the record in, has been made by me,” she said.

And it’s not only about her. Her son Julez, 8, may be getting into the rap game sooner than later. Though she’s a bit terrified of her little boy entering into the business, she wants him to follow his passions.

In the meantime, the freespirit is now living in Brooklyn, in the Bohemian Mecca.