michael madison

Serial killer suspect, Michael Madison, 35, in custody for the murder of three women found wrapped in plastic between Friday and Sunday in East Cleveland, Ohio, July 21, 2013.

*The Cleveland area has been open season on women for the past decade.

So far, only the women that Charles Ramsey rescued have made it out with their lives.  But even those women are mentally damaged beyond repair.

According to the latest report from Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, Michael Madison, 35, is suspected to be the newest serial killer in the East Cleveland area where three women were found wrapped in plastic between Friday and Sunday.

They have not yet been identified by the coroner beyond the description of being African American.

The police were in a 2-hour standoff with Dodson at his mother’s home on Chickasaw Ave., Friday, before arresting him.  But, he has not yet been officially charged.