rashia wilson

Rashia Wilson aka the Queen of Tax Fraud is seen here in a Facebook post bragging about her lavish lifestyle in a Facebook post.

*The neighborhood tax preparer that makes their living filing bogus tax returns every year may not get in trouble for the information they provide, but you sure will!

A federal judge threw the bookcase at Rashia Wilson for her participation in frauding the IRS and taxpayers out of millions of dollars as she also collected food stamps and bragged about it in pictures on her Facebook page.

On July 18, she was sentenced to 21 years behind bars and when she asked if she could hug her children one last time, the judge denied her request and authorities took her into custody.

rashia wilson mugshot

Rashia Wilson in one of many mug shots she’s taken over the many years of her criminal history.

Wilson has been arrested over a dozen times with a laundry list of offenses for everything ranging from trespassing to grand theft.

According to Tampa’s channel 10 News, she was ordered to pay back the $2,240,096.39, she thought she successfully pilfered from the government’s coffers.