ted hayes

Ted Hayes 

*Did you know that the city of Compton has a cricket club? Neither did we.

But last Tuesday, the Grantland Channel placed a short film they produced about the “Compton Cricket Club” on YouTube and received 59,402 views.

We guess a lot of people didn’t know and they’re interested in this news. The Compton Cricket Club was cofounded in 1995 by social activist, Ted Hayes, an African American, and Katy Haber, an Englishwoman; and since that time CCC has helped many homeless people and young adults change their lives.

Here, Ted Hayes talks about how the CCC got started.

“The thing originally started back in 1985 when I purposely went to live with the homeless on the sidewalks and streets of downtown Los Angeles,” he says.

Hayes entered homeless life in an attempt to better understand it and subsequently founded “Dome Village” a former shantytown, to house the homeless in a self-governing environment.

In comes Katy Haber, a film producer who met Hayes while he was seeking funding for Dome Village. Haber had been given the task by the city of Beverly Hills of locating a cricket player. She asked Ted if he’d like to play; and he then introduced the game to his Dome Village friends. They loved it!

Watch this inspiring video to see how the meeting of these two people altered the lives of those who were homeless; and young adults who felt they lacked options…until now.