the game*With so many celebrities utilizing social media as an uncensored way to share their thoughts with the masses, rapper The Game has become one of the first to ever face charges of defamation on Instagram.

Currently The Game is involved in a lawsuit filed by a woman named Karen Monroe, his former babysitter, who says he hurt her reputation, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Monroe took her complaint to the LA Superior Court on Wednesday. The complaint stated “that Plaintiff had been fired by him for lying, stealing, screaming at his children, mistreating other children, doing very inappropriate and unbecoming things of a babysitter…” among other things.

The Game, who goes by @handsomemurderer on both Twitter and Instagram, took to his social media accounts to rant about his children’s former nanny, Monroe.

“She was BUSTED having sex with her then boyfriend and leaving a used condom & the wrapper in my daughter’s room!!!”

The plaintiff says there can be no doubt as to whether the comments were “of and concerning” her, one of the primary elements in a defamation claim.

“To ensure that Plaintiff was appropriately identified as the target of Defendants defamatory rant, Defendant identified Plaintiff by her name, attached a picture of her on his Instagram account with the caption ‘Beware if this person is watching your children, she is a very dangerous baby sitter’, and listed Plaintiff’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.”

The Game’s posts were picked up by several publications and the lawsuit states “numerous individuals have decided to send Plaintiff death threats, ridicule her, accuse her of crimes, express their hatred for her, harass her, and hold her out for scorn and contempt.”

Monroe claims that the aftermath of the rapper’s rants caused her to lose her job and has kept her from getting more work in her industry. She also claims she has experienced depression.

She’s seeking an unspecified amount of general and special damages against The Game and is represented by attorney Manu Elloie.

The Game couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.