vince young*Dang, this hurts to report.

Vince Young – whose 2006  Rose Bowl performance as the QB for Texas against USC, won’t soon be forgotten – is now down and out.

On the heels of that Rose Bowl performance, Young went to the NFL and he prospered … for a minute or two.  Yes, it was all good, but like we said … for a minute or two.

These days he’s another broke former athlete, trying to find a way to pay off some large debts, according to KHOU 11 News in Young’s native Houston.

The station is reporting Young has been ordered by a judge to auction off most of what’s left of his possessions in order to pay back debts he racked up while living large and playing like he nwould always have another Rose Bowl like performance, which he didn’t.

Here’s what Fox Sports is reporting:

Young is required to pay back $1.7 million he borrowed during the 2011 NFL lockout. His career was in trouble already, with the Tennessee Titans having made it clear they didn’t intend to keep him, and two short stints in Philadelphia and Buffalo later his NFL career appears to be over.

Young says he was duped by a financial advisor and unsuccessfully attempted to convince the judge to keep the cops out of his home.

After they took inventory, Young was allowed to keep about $60,000 in personal property.

The third pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, Young’s first contract guaranteed him $26 million.

Wow, another tale of a great athlete finding fame and then going bust. We wish Vince Young the best.

How about a look back at that sensational Rose Bowl performance: