wendy-williams-and-husband-2012-wide*Well, y’all know the saying, “If it quacks like a duck its a duck. So does that mean if it looks like a bear its a bear?

According to the NY Daily News’ [email protected]an insider on The Wendy Williams Show says Wendy’s hubby, Kevin Hunter, is the real force behind the show. And dude has the reputation of being one burly bear!

Williams’  strong, confident exterior makes this new reveal a bit hard to swallow. This is a woman that has no edit nerve in her DNA. She will talk first, think later, then talk again. She has no problems calling ANYbody out. This chick, afterall, had the nerve to say Beyoncé sounds dumb … out loud!

“Kevin makes all the decisions and has become more and more controlling as the show has become a success,” one show insider tells [email protected]. “He insists that all show questions be run by him.”

Supposedly, Hunter has had Williams change her cell phone number so she is not as accessible to the many staffers on the show; and even sorted through the many cards and letters fans sent the talk show queen, when she debuted on Broadway in “Chicago.”

“He’s also hired her a new driver, who reports to him,” says our source.

The couple formed the production company Wendy Williams Productions together, and serve as executive producers on the show, which has been on the air since 2008.

Things have reportedly gotten so intense at the show that producers have been warned that all scripts must go to Hunter before Williams can even read them. And Hunter must approve all the ideas for segments and celebrity guest bookings.

“Wendy is smart. No one can understand why she does not tell him to f− off,” adds a source. “He is making everyone’s lives miserable and is causing problems on an otherwise great show.”

Once asked during an interview with Bay Area radio station 94.9 about her relationship with her husband, Williams didn’t hold back.

“People will always, for the rest of my life, throw darts at my situation,” she said. “They will throw — and we explained this to our son — they will throw them at him, they’ve thrown them at me in my entire career, my husband. He knew what he was getting involved with, but it takes a special kind of man to be with a ‘Wendy Williams.’”

“Special?” We guess that’s a good name for it.

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