will and mo

Will and Monifa Sims

*Look out Sonny and Cher, there’s a new act in town (minus the cocaine addiction and spousal abuse).

Will and Monifa Sims are enjoying a busy summer. In May, the adorable couple gained widespread media attention after they were recorded singing 80’s tunes at a Costco gas station in Burbank, Calif.

The impromptu performance was part of a “Pumpcast News” prank orchestrated by NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” Tim Stack, a seasoned acting vet, hosts the phony news channel broadcasting at gas stations.

Will and Mo’ are now on the fastrack to stardom.

“I think it’s funny,” she expressed during an interview with EURweb’s Lee Bailey. “I’m getting a big kick out of it actually because I have never shied away from singing, I love signing, but it was something to do for fun. People are saying ‘Oh my gosh you really have a nice voice. If you guys record something I would buy it.’ And I’m like, really?

Monifa continued, “Right now it’s been really fun. We’ve been taking some meetings with some producers from reality shows. We don’t have anything set in stone yet, but the meetings have been lots of fun.”

“We are open. We aren’t closing off any opportunities. We’re just trying to wait and see when the right one comes for us. I am pretty certain that we’ll be doing something on TV.”

The couple’s first order of business is finding their niche and moving on it, explained Monifa.

“Everybody has similar ideas of what they want to see more of and a lot of people just want to seem more of us,” she tells EUR. “We give ideas of things that we like, and we listen to ideas they have. But whatever it is, we know it’s going to be wonderful.

She added, “We’re not opposed to reality at all. What type of reality show is the thing.”

Despite the peaking interest of television execs nationwide, Will says that singing for him has always been a hobby, not a means to fame, fortune, or recognition.

“I don’t consider myself a singer,” he said with humility. “We just do this for fun and people think we have nice voices. I wouldn’t be opposed to recording a song if someone came along and asked us to. I sing at work all the time and my coworkers say ‘You have a nice voice. Have you thought about doing this professionally? I get a big kick out of it too.”

He continued, I’m an 80’s kid. I love everything from that era. To me that’s when the best music came, and I was always into rock.”

Monifa agrees, “We have always loved 80’s music, she explained in reference to why she and her husband prefer rock to R&B. “That’s one of the things we’ve always had in common. We do sing R&B stuff, but honestly—it’s way more 80’s stuff.”

Although Will and Monifa’s story continues to gain traction internationally, there are a number of critics who suspect foul play. Many YouTube viewers have openly questioned the legitimacy of the “Pumpcast News” video, calling it a fraud.

“Nobody from NBC called us and paid us to be there or tipped us off or set us up,” Monifa insisted. “We just happened to be there pumping gas. I had no idea that I was even being videotaped in the car laughing. I had no clue. To this day I don’t know where that camera was.”

She went on, “It wasn’t live [the video], it was recorded. On YouTube, one of the comments is ‘How did he (Stacks) know Will’s name? Will never introduced himself.’”

“But Will did introduce himself. You just don’t see that. They cut it out. And the other part you guys don’t see is that I did not want to sing. I wasn’t going to sing. They actually had to convince me to sing and finally I said ‘Okay I’ll sing.’ There are a lot of little things that you don’t see. It’s a really good editing job.”

jay leno will & monifa sims

Jay Leno and Will & Monifa Sims

Will also chimed in, “People fail to realize they had been doing that all day. We weren’t the first people they videotaped. We just happened to be the funniest. “

Monifa insists that it was just a normal day before she and Will stopped for gas.

“I am a personal trainer and Will is a bartender,” she explained. “I had just home from training a couple of clients and I was going on my weekly Costco/gas run. I said ‘Hey, honey you wanna come with me?”

“Our schedules miss each other,” she added. “I work days he works nights. We love taking those couple of hours during the middle of our day to spend some time together. He happened to go with me that morning which he never does.”

Even with all the criticism attached to their video, the happily married songbirds say they have received more support than anything else.

“People are saying ‘Oh my god you guys make marriage look fun, and ‘I want a relationship like that,’ or ‘I want to hang out with those guys,’ Monifa said laughing. “That is awesome for people to see that in only 5 minutes and have those opinions of us. We’re grateful”

Will and Mo’ have been married 12 years and appear to be very much in love. Maybe there’s something to this karaoke thing after all.