will packer & chrisette michele

Will Packer & Chrisette Michele

*Verizon says it is “America’s largest 4G LTE network” and at the 2013 Essence Festival the nation’s second largest wireless carrier had a big celebrity presence at its booth.

The Verizon booth at the festival featured the best in music, movies and sports. Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele was among the stars that came out for a “meet and greet” with fans.

Later she joined filmmaker Will Packer for a question and answer session after dinner with journalists at Dooky Chase, a restaurant in the Big Easy lauded for its sumptuous creole cuisine.

Michele recalled once having a titanium flip phone and she says, “You chirped on it.”

The “Blame It On Me” singer maintained, “Everybody who had that was real cool and was the coolest person around. That’s how long I’ve had Verizon service. It’s always the fastest service.”

Packer, who produced such movies as the 2013 BET Awards winner “Think Like A Man,” agreed that Verizon is better than their competitors.

“The network is great, but they also have the best product line. For me that’s what’s very important. I have to have the latest and greatest. I can’t afford to send an e-mail or text or receive dailies and it’s late – that literally may have, like you know, a million dollar impact on a movie that I’m shooting. It’s just that important that I have my stuff when I need it.”

Torod Neptune, Vice President of Communications for Verizon explains that they believe in making the needs of consumers number one, “With us you think about the network – in terms of the speed and the reliability and consistency that’s available. Also, about the entire retail experience that we have for our customers at any of our nearly 2,000 retail stores around the country.”

More about Verizon and the celebrity dinner in Tene’ Croom’s video:

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tene croom & will packer

Tene’ Croom & Will Packer