stacey mattocks

Stacey Mattocks fights for her Facebook page that supported bringing The Game back to television and brought record breaking viewership to BET.

*BET has made major changes since being sold to Viacom.

The channel’s original programming was upgraded and they’ve been on the receiving end of their best ratings ever.

“The Game” is one of the shows obtained by the network after the show was cancelled on the CW.  But, Stacey Mattocks, a one-woman marketing team that was passionate about seeing the show return to television, is one of the biggest reasons BET turned their attention to acquiring the show.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Facebook page she created in 2008, in an effort to galvanize fan support for the show and the show’s return had reached 750,000 likes when BET decided to pick up the show.

But now that ‘The Game’ is doing so well–opened on BET with 7.7 million viewers– it appears, that BET doesn’t want to repay her for her services.  In fact, detailed in a new lawsuit that Mattock is pursuing against the entertainment giant, they wanted to underpay her and give her a deal for the Facebook page that was beneath the standards for her services, according to her valuation research.