Cheryl Boone Isaacs*Close your eyes. Imagine a world where a black family resides in the White House.

No, not as the help, but as the chosen leaders of the free world. Now imagine a world where a black woman graces the cover of a major magazine with a white target audience.

Now stretch that imagination a bit to include the possibility that a 86-year-old organization governed by white men; that annually produces an award show of the highest caliber chooses a black woman as its president.

OK, now open your eyes.

It’s true.

Can this be the beginning of a trend? Should we begin to feel cautiously optimistic?

“It’s major,” acknowledged Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the newly elected president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in an interview with TheWrap‘s Steve Pond. “I know that, and you know that. To be given this trust is quite a big deal. It’s an honor, it’s a privilege, and I hope it’s inspirational for people the way others have been an inspiration for me.

A recent study by the Los Angeles Times found that nearly 94% of Academy voters are white and 77% are male. Blacks make up about 2% of the Academy and Latinos less than 2%. Now even this may be on the upswing as half of the 22 new members of the Academy’s Actors branch are minorities, including Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Oh, Michael Pena, Danny Trejo and Chris Tucker.

Kerry-Washington-Vanity-Fair400Meanwhile, Kerry Washington, the highly effective “political fixer” and stunner on TV’s hottest break-out show, “Scandal,” welcomes what could be a “shifting perspective.” She elaborates while speaking to TheWrap’s Jethro Nededog  following her Emmy nomination for the show.

“I’m really proud to live in world where a show that has a woman of color as its lead character can be a success,” she said. “I’m proud to be in a show that really champions inclusivity, because our show values diversity not just in terms of race but in terms of ethnicity, in terms of sexual orientation, in terms of age in terms of gender.”

Of course no one knows for sure where this “new direction” may lead; but you’ve got to admit, its lookin’ real good from this angle.

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