thrilla in manilla

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier battle in the Thrilla in Manila

*Ang Lee, who won the Oscar for directing “Life Of Pi,” will next take his 3D camera technology to Universal Pictures for “an epic look at the boxing world of the 1960s and 1970s, as seen through the prism of its biggest rivalries and greatest fights,” reports’s Mike Fleming Jr.

The footage will include the showdown between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali that was called the Thrilla In Manila. Peter Morgan will write the script.

The movie will have a narrative that connects the 3D depiction of some of boxing’s great fights, and Lee will produce the film with his longtime producing partner James Schamus.

Schamus, who is CEO of Universal-based Focus Features, has collaborated in a writing/producing capacity with Lee on films that range from “Eat Drink Man Woman” to “Sense And Sensibility,” “The Ice Storm,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Hulk” and “Brokeback Mountain.” No one was commenting, so it was difficult to discern the narrative structure behind the movie, writes Fleming Jr., but the idea is to take the exploration of 3D technology and cutting-edge visual effects further, as James Cameron is doing on his “Avatar” sequels.