arsenio hall & aubrey oday*Aubrey O’Day had an interview with the DomNnate Radio Show and during “Celebrity Storytime” segment, spoke out about Lindsay Lohan’s rudeness, Diddy’s control problems, Arsenio Hall, Chris Brown and more.

O’Day says she met Chris Brown and has no issues with him even after his 2009 assault of Rihanna.

“The personal obsession people have with him is unfortunate and his life journey is to progress and become better. Artistically I have nothing to say except kudos and respect to Chris Brown’s voice, dancing skills, talent as an artist with his paintings. He is an inspiring artist.”

Unlike with Chris Brown, O’Day’s first time meeting Lindsay Lohan inside of a women’s bathroom was not so pleasant.

“I met her in a bathroom one time and she was kind of rude and didn’t tip the woman.” She also says Lohan backed out on a promise she made to take a picture with a fan.

According to O’Day, her fued with Arsenio Hall after they both were contestants on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” has never ceased. Hall went on “The View” back in May and shared a time when O’Day showed off pictures of all the Black men she had slept with. Needless to say she doesn’t care too much for Hall these day.

“I don’t ever want talk to him. He’s gross.”

In regards to her Danity Kane career with Diddy, O’Day claims there’s “very little room for movement beyond his thoughts” with his artists and that conflicted with her and her former band members.

“What’s worse in his mind is that we were real artists that wanted a say in everything that we were creating and had a personal stake in everything we were making.”

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