beyonce (bob)*Beyonce went on the V Festival stage 20 minutes late Saturday night in England and was met with a barrage of boos from her fans.

WENN reports that the singer had thousands of concertgoers waiting in the pouring rain and wind at Hylands Park in Chelmsford. Beyonce was then booed upon arrival, before starting her headlining set with “Run the World (Girls).”

Being late wasn’t Beyonce’s only issue. “The sound was so terrible people were just walking away halfway through her set,” one attendee told U.K.’s Metro.

According to WENN, Queen Bey did thank those who remained patient, saying, “Thank you all so much for waiting in the rain … Now let’s have some fun in the rain. It feels good doesn’t it.”

On top of being late, the fans at home were disappointed when they were unable to view any of Beyonce’s performance on TV. Allegedly, the star wouldn’t give Channel 4 broadcasting rights. Hosts Edith Bowman and Steve Jones hinted that the 31-year-old refused to give them clearance.

Despite the minor snafu, Beyonce still delivered a riveting performance, according to one critic.

“She has an innate talent with a crowd, an almost tribal ability to lead,” wrote The Independent‘s India Ross. “Her every turn, glance and flash of teeth only add to an aura of cool feminine domination. She is musically lukewarm, but theatrically unique.”