beyonce (bob)*So much for Beyonce‘s pixie cut that hat mucho folks all up an a lather. She’s already moved on to a new bob style.

In fact, she showed off the new do while doing her thing at the 2013 V Festival held at Highlands Park on Saturday in Chelmsford, England.

As we said, new look comes on the heels of her surprise pixie cut, that made headlines and even surprised her hairstylist.

“Changing hair is like changing lipstick or eye shadow for her,” a Beyonce associate told the Daily Beast. “I think she gets a kick out of how much the press talks about it.’’

By the way, Rita Ora joined Bey at the festival. Ora had been dealing with some medical issues, but like a true trooper, the show had to go on, so she was there.

“Straight out of hospital on my way to V Fest! Lets do this!!! On my way!! #Showtime!!” Rita tweeted after staying in the hospital for a bad throat and chest infection, according to Just Jared.

Check out a couple of snaps below of Beyonce performing with her new cut and Rita Ora, too. For more pics, click over to Just Jared.

beyonce (bob & green dress)rita ora (at v festival)beyonce (bob look at v festival)