beyonce (mrs. carter)*When the whole world puts Beyoncé on a pedestal and treats her like royalty, the one person who keeps her ego in check is her mother.

Beyoncé told Z Magazine that her mother, Tina Knowles, keeps her humble. With all the adoration and star gazing that she experiences everyday, Miss Tina will not hesitate to remind her, “Girl, you’re not a queen.”

Dang, we thought she was. Then why does everyone call her Queen Bey?

Well, anyway, even if Beyoncé isn’t a queen, it seems she thinks her baby daughter is pretty regal. She recently posted a picture of Blue Ivy with a crown on her head.

“I’m a very protective person. I want to make sure that  my daughter has a healthy, safe, normal life…she’s my top priority,” Beyonce said. “Life’s completely different now. I’m still incredibly happy to be able to do what I love, but now, everything has more meaning. Life’s about being a mother.”