puppy in sweater*(Via Yahoo News) – If you woke up in Atlanta this supposed summer morning, you might have walked out on the porch, and gone right back in for a sweater.

On Aug. 16, a time of year when average daytime temperatures hover at 88 degrees in the Phoenix City, the mercury had stalled at 64 degrees at 1 p.m., six degrees below the record low for a high temperature, set in 1892, of 70 degrees.

Thursday’s 73-degree reading was also the coolest Aug. 15 ever on record in Atlanta, besting a record low high of 77 degrees in 1908.

“For what it’s worth, based on our high temperature [on Thursday], there’s some interesting locations that actually got at or warmer than us that were in Canada, Minnesota and Maine,” says Peachtree City, Ga.-based National Weather Service meteorologist Adam Baker.

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