celebrate the life of a child*(Baltimore, MD) – Young Baltimore rapper Domonick (pictured above as a baby) is the subject of a new book, “Celebrate the Life and Memories of a Child,” (Xlibris/Author House) written by his parents Verona Douglas and Domonick Robertson Sr. The book was the result of a brave move by the rapper at the age of eight when he penned “Pop, Pop, Pop” a plea to the drug dealers in his neighborhood to stop the selling and killings.

His bravery in performing the song on the corners of his neighborhood received the attention of radio host JoJo of MIX 106.5FM who arranged for him to perform “Pop, Pop, Pop” on the local radio station. He also made appearances on Fox 45 and 88.9FM – a New York Caribbean station.

The publicity from that led to a feature on ABC News in a segment devoted to his bravery and the song that was born from it (see the television segment at http://youtu.be/xqH0xfchr-o).

The colorfully and simple to read book, “Celebrate the Life and Memories of a Child,” is his autobiography (see a video trailer on the book at http://youtu.be/u1I4ruCEC2A). The book will inspire not only young people, but adults as well to believe that they too can make a difference. The books’ distributor Xlibris/Author House is noted by The New York Times as the foremost on-demand book publisher.

Domonick has released several singles since “Pop, Pop, Pop,” such as “He’s a Working Dad” – about his father. His last single is titled “Oh Brave Soldiers,” inspired by the tale of his grandfather fighting in one of the American wars.

“Oh Brave Soldier” was written by his mother Verona Douglas, who is also Domonick’s manager. The single is produced by Mark Carey and has an official music video produced/directed by Freaky Felony (see the music video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amwWL7UWGi0).

Domonick recently graduated from Walbrook Middle School and will attend in the fall Digital Inner Harbor, a technical trade high school where he will concentrate on computer technology. His passion about his music motivated him to send a copy of his songs to President Obama to hear – and the President even replied back.

Visit www.CelebratetheLifeandMemoriesofaChild.com for more on his autobiography and his singles can be found at www.CDBaby.com/CD/DomonickRobertson. You can contact his management at 443-306-4898 or email [email protected] for more information.


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