chief-keef*Stupid is as stupid does.

17-year-old rapper Chief Keef didn’t bother to make it to the show he was scheduled for back in December and now has to pay a British promotions company more than $230,000.

The rapper was booked for a show on Dec. 29 in London but was a no show forcing the UK’s Team Major Promotions to file a lawsuit against him in March. The company claims Keef cost them more than $75,000 in damages, including his advance,” according to TMZ.

“Chief never bothered to respond to TM’s suit,” says the entertainment news source. “After four months of radio silence a judge ruled in favor of Team Major … simply by default.” The judge became aware of Chief Keef’s continual legal troubles, and was determined to make the teen entertainer pay for his mistakes, literally, requiring him to pay even more than the lawsuit required. His penalty was to the tune of “$230,019 which included damages, loss of earnings, and reputational harm.”

While Keef faces a barrage of legal problems, his manager stated, “he’s not the type of person that really worries.”

Well, if he keeps pulling no-show stunts, it’s guaranteed he’s gonna start worrying about where his next paycheck is gonna come from.