*Cissy Houston is still struggling to come to terms with her daughter’s death and reveals she often prays all day and then lies awake at night thinking about her daughter Whitney.

The gospel legend admits she’s “still mad” about Whitney’s drug overdose death in February, 2012, and has days when she can’t get the tragedy out of her mind.

“I think about her every minute of the day,” Cissy tells The Globe. “Sometimes I can’t go to sleep at night because I think about her so much that it hurts. She will always be with me until the day I close my eyes.

“I pray for her all the time, sometimes all day long… She was my little angel that came down from heaven for a while, and now she is back there. And in time I will be so lucky to hug her again and be with my beloved child once again.”

Cissy puts some of the blame for Whitney’s troubles on her former son-in-law Bobby Brown.

“Her marriage made her very unhappy,” said Cissy. “I don’t want to slag another mother’s son, but the marriage to Bobby was a bad one from the get go.”