dawn robinson*On tonight’s episode of “R&B Divas: LA,” singer Dawn Robinson will be looking into the possibility of adopting a baby.

Dawn and her boyfriend Chris are both ready to start a family of their own, but are having problems conceiving naturally. So while they are still trying the old fashion way, they’re also entertaining the idea of adoption.

The agency Dawn and Chris are working with for this process has offered two options: Adoption through the foster care system and private adoption which involves the mother choosing the parents she wants to give her baby to.

Of these, Dawn said, “I think we’re both leaning towards adopting a baby so we can see that whole process from the beginning together.”

If she chooses the private adoption, the mother would in fact have 30 days after birth to get her baby back. Chris has considered that as a grave possibility but Dawn is willing to take that chance.

“I think we’re both great candidates for adoption because, you know, nobody’s perfect, but we’re pretty balanced as human beings. And I really like his humor,” Dawn explains. “We’d make good parents, Chris and I.”