LeSean McCoy

*Philadelphia Eagle’s wide receiver Riley Cooper recently put his foot in his mouth when he was caught on camera threatening to pummel  “every n*gger in here” at a Kenny Chesney concert in June in Philadelphia.

The video has become a lightning rod for controversy, prompting numerous demands for an apology which Cooper has given. NFL officials haven’t yet taken any disciplinary action in response to Cooper’s racial gaffe. However, his teammate running back LeSean McCoy (pictured above), told reporters during an interview that Cooper (pictured below) isn’t worthy of respect.

“I can’t really respect somebody like that,” McCoy said, according to CSN Philly.

McCoy, who has been teammates with Cooper for three years, once called the wide receiver a friend. But no longer — not after Cooper uttered the phrase: “I will jump that fence and fight every n*gger here, bro” in a hateful, drunken rant.

“I’m thinking like, I think I know him very well and then you do something like that, when you don’t think no cameras are around, you don’t think nobody’s around, everything is in closed doors, you show who you really are,” McCoy said. “I just think I know him a little better than I thought I did.”

During a probing interview with the media, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick dismissed rumors of tension and division in the locker room. He and other teammates have remained positive despite Cooper’s misstep, opting to preserve team chemistry by maintaining a united front.

Cooper apologized on Wednesday for his use of a racial slur toward an African American security guard at the concert last month.

“I’m disgusted and I’m sorry,” Cooper said Wednesday. “That’s not the type of person I am.”

The Eagles, who fined Cooper after his language was caught on film and became public, also are setting up Cooper with sensitivity training.

“In meeting with Riley yesterday, we decided together that his next step will be to seek outside assistance to help him fully understand the impact of his words and actions,” the team said in a statement. “He needs to reflect. As an organization, we will provide the resources he needs to do so.”

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