Ebony Magazine*Ebony Magazine has received both praise and backlash about their choice to release a special September issue of their magazine in tribute of Trayvon Martin.

The September issue will focus on the aftermath of the George Zimmerman and the “Stand Your Ground” laws. The issue will have four different covers; one featuring Trayvon Martin’s parents and brother, and three featuring pictures of prominent black men and their sons wearing hoodies.

Visuals of the cover have been released on the internet and have attracted criticism from whites calling the magazine and its covers racist and evil, reports theRoot.

Rumor has it that the Tea Party was organizing a boycott the magazine. Well Ebony took time to respond to the attacks with a couple jabs while thanking those who tweeted their support.

EBONY         @EBONYMag The racist trolls on our timeline objecting to our September covers need to have a seat at a Klan meeting and get out of our mentions. 6:48 AM – 7 Aug 2013

EBONY         @EBONYMag We have so many Tea Party readers and followers. To lose all zero of them due to our September cover would be devastating. 11:58 AM – 7 Aug 2013

EBONY         @EBONYMag And thanks to all those who have expressed their appreciation for our September covers. We are honored to do this work. #JusticeForTrayvon 1:29 PM – 7 Aug 2013